What’s a Quarky thought?

Posted on: February 24, 2011

Wait! What in the world is a Quark? It’s a fundamental particle of matter and it’s all about the FUN of harnessing Da Mental powers we all have! We’re walking magnets, with the infinite ability to attract beautiful, wonderful events in our lives by thinking and dwelling on beautiful, wonderful thoughts. This Law of Attraction choreographs our dance through Life whether we have our best dancing shoes on or not. This sacred law empowers us and allows us to shed the shreds of victim mentality.  Let’s study one particular scientific case to further elaborate..

Case Study #246- Chicken Little

One morning, Chicken Little woke up to find the sky falling. The LOA, makes the following statements true for Chicken Little when he realizes the power of his thoughts, words and deeds.

When the sky is falling… (or your boyfriend left, or your bank account is low, or your government seems crazy….)

1. Stop talking about the sky falling. Don’t twitter, or blog or FB the world about how your sky is falling because then you have friends, and friends of friends worrying and sending out negative vibes through the cosmos. Then guess what? You’ll start to notice nasty chunks of blue sky everywhere you walk.

2. Tell a different story– This will be much easier to do when you stop watching all the news reports on TV about the falling sky. Change the channel! (Could be time to boycott, girl-cott and altogether “people-cott” the mainstream media.) Your new story might sound like this,  “Oh, look how beautiful those patches of blue are in that corner of the sky. The sky is well, All is Well!!”  It’ll be true before you know it!

3. Go to your happy place- physically or mentally. Find something you can feel happy or positive about. No matter how True or Interesting  the Falling Sky is- don’t go there! Choose happy, positive thoughts if it’s the LAUGH thing you do!

For more in-depth information on the LOA check out www.abraham-hicks.com.

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