More Random Thoughts re: Chicken Little’s Case Study

Posted on: February 25, 2011

Was it just me, or did anyone else see Chicken Little on CNN Headline News last night? The one and only Anderson Cooper interviewed C.L. via satellite as he gave his graphic description of how the Sky is indeed Falling. They even showed C.L’s 1 minute of video footage of 3 blue chunks…. over and over! In fact, CNN showed this footage exactly 37 times, ad nauseam in the background of the 1.7  minute interview.  How’s that for burning an image into your minds. At first, I panicked, ran to the door and expected to see my Sky Falling, but I quickly realized it’s just the Silly Media trying to dispense a nasty dose of fear. Scientific studies continue to show that the Sky is only Falling in .0001% of the entire world. This can only mean that most of the world/sky  is behaving wonderfully, peacefully, lovingly, beautifully! Our attention to the abundantly, positive attributes of the sky will (by the Law of Attraction) certainly magnify the glorious sky!!!

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