Kaleidoscope Theory

Posted on: March 9, 2011

Good Morning World! I have a confession to make…

I have a secret addiction- Kaleidoscopes! No really, it’s true. When going through my children’s toy boxes, it seems I never can toss out a kaleidoscope. Have you noticed how beautiful everything is when viewed through this  amazing toy? Look at a television, the Christmas tree, your child’s messy room, a dirty bathroom or cluttered kitchen sink. This list goes on to infinity because no matter the subject, the view is glorious and rich in color, design, etc.

At this stage in my life I am trying to focus more on being a better unconditional lover towards the All That Is! Just recently, I heard Esther Hicks (Abraham) say… “I love you, not because you are wonderful (fill in the blanks… beautiful, well-behaved, helpful, funny, a healer…) – I love you because I am a LOVER. (www.abraham-hicks.com)

I long to improve my skills at seeing the world through God’s eyes and now I know how because… drumroll… God is like a Kaleidoscope. Every person, place or thing is beautiful when viewed through the eyes of Infinite Intelligence. And how else could it look to the Author of Unconditional Love. And notice then, how 7 billion different people could look through 7 billion Kaleidoscopes and have so many different beautiful perspectives that they reach to infinity.

Consider my view alone. If I hold the Kaleidoscope and physically move the focus by the slightest degree, my view shifts while maintaining yet another incredibly artistic result. So do me a favor, when I’m being a complete @#!%!&* and you’re finding it really hard to love me, hurry- try my scope and check me out. Or, use it on yourself when the wrinkles on your face scream out at you or that extra 10 pounds feels like one hundred.

We’ve all heard the words “Seek and you will find,” and this works both in a positive and negative way. Well, the ideal attitude would be to play our way through our wonderful world where our collective missions are to Seek the best in everything because that is surely what will manifest for us. (trust me, I’ve tried the Seeking the negative aspects of others and it’s not a pretty sight…) And so, for the times when we struggle to seek (and talk about and point out and repeat wonderful stories about) the best in others- to see the world through God’s eyes- just cheat and grab your nearest Kaleidoscope and take a deep breath and just inhale that beautiful sight!

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I have finally found my way to your blog. My life has been extremely busy (with both personal and business adventures) for several months now. I secretly like it that way, but I do sometimes allow it to keep me from spending time on important things like checking out a friend’s new blog.

You are wonderful!!! I’ve enjoyed reading everything here. This post on kaleidoscopes is my favorite, though, because I am also a lover of the beautiful kaleidoscope – even the really cheap version that comes from the gift bag section at the party store.

I will make a real effort to remember to turn my internal kaleidoscope just a little when I need to have a new view of whatever is in front of me. Thank you for this analogy!

Much love and best wishes. Hope to see you soon,


Hi Meda,

Wow, LIFE is great… and busy! Thanks for taking time from your busy life to read my quarky ponderings. I have missed the gang from Capstone and hope to visit soon. BTW, let’s go Karaokeing sometime soon! Have a blessed day!

Thank you for this theory! I will implement it into my life immediately. 😀 Yay for kaleidoscopes! 😀

They are great, simple toys… and I do believe this is how our Creator views us :). Have a Kaleidoscopy Day!

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A beautiful theory on kaleidoscopes! 🙂

Thanks so much Eva! Now, if I could only practice what I preach with more consistency! Ha! I love having your support and look forward to getting to know you through your writings. 🙂

Check out my designs (inspirational T’s) at http://www.imagyneer.com

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