Do You Have a Fishy Concept of Infinity?

Posted on: April 8, 2011

Infinity. I love to think about it because I believe we can all Have, Be and Do anything we want to as long as we clean up our vibrations and allow It in. We don’t live in a “Truman Show” (http://bit.ly/8YxNw9) world where we arrive at the boundaries of our universe and there’s a wall painted black with stars splashed about with “glow in the dark” paint. The implications of this Infinite nature of our Infinite Universe are infinite!

Don’t be like the little fish who has a limited awareness of Infinite. She swims around and around the continents and says, “Wow, I can swim forever and ever and there just is no end to this deep blue sea.” Will someone please tell the little fish that if she could only escape the boundaries of the ocean she could fly through the air and realize a whole new dimension of infinity? Then she might say, “Wow, I can fly around and around the world with no end in sight!” And what about escaping the boundaries of this atmosphere and launching into space?

My affinity for the Infinity of our world ties in to the fact that we can (and do) create our own personal realities. Do you know the real reason you sleep at night? You think it’s to recharge your batteries? Wrong. You think it’s to get well-deserved physical rest? Wrong again.  According to Abraham (Esther Hicks @ http://bit.ly/hV2O4D), the ultimate purpose of sleeping at night is to release resistance, reconnect with our Creator and realize that we can be born again when we awaken as new creations…. and it all starts with our thoughts.

Let your waking thoughts be the exact opposite of the negative monkey mind you commonly wake up with. Let your waking thoughts affirm the new you that you see in your dreams. Let your waking thoughts be the tiny magnets that start attracting all the wellbeing into your life. Realize that everyone on this planet awakens recharged and even when they cannot affirm the new, improved version of themselves, YOU CAN. Seek the wonder in your families, friends and world and your world will become wonderful! It is Law. Scientific, Mathematical, Spiritual. It is the Law of Attraction. So, escape the boundaries of your limiting beliefs and fly into every situation with joy. Choose a happier thought if it’s the LAUGH thing you do! 

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