My New “Abundance Resolutions” List

Posted on: April 21, 2011

Hey! I love Louise Hay!

I heard her say once, on an affirmation CD about abundance, that if all the money in the world were divided equally among all the people in the world- within a few months, the rich would still be rich and the poor would still be poor. Wow! Why?

Her explanation resonates clearly with me. Our consciousness (i.e. chronic vibration, belief system, perseverating thoughts) determines our personal flow of abundance and wealth, or lack thereof. Do you have prosperity consciousness, or poverty consciousness? Do you believe that this Infinite, Abundant Universe flows freely towards you at all times if you allow It in. How? With your positive thoughts, attitude, gratitude and so forth (www.louisehay.com).

On playing/winning the lottery: Louise says if you think it’s your only path to abundance, it’s like telling the Universe that this random event is the only way I can allow my abundance. Whatever happened to “My cup overflows?” Period. End. Not, I must buy a chance to win the perfect, magical cup that really overflows.

So I examined my consciousness and in order to stop sending the Universe (God) these vibes of random deserving, here’s where I think I need to clean up my vibration…

1. I resolve to stop sneaking my dirty laundry into my 81-year-old mother’s hamper at her Assisted Living Facility where they launder her clothes “for free.” I deserve my own laundry lady!

2. I resolve to stop taking 3 extra packets of Honey Mustard from Chick-Fil-A in order to build up my refrigerator supply of free condiments. I abundantly afford my own bottle from the grocery store.

3. I resolve to stop taking hand-me-downs from fashionista friends just because it makes me feel smart and sassy all at once. I am worthy of my own brand new clothes, at all times, no matter how smart that gently-used designer purse would’ve felt in my hands.

4. I resolve to stop using my oversized, clumsy XL2 Canon to film a DVD off the TV screen from a distance of 3 feet.  I can abundantly afford the $40 charged by the “local yocal” who films my girls’ dance recital… and then goes so far as to “lock out” any illegal pirates who want to copy for free.

5. I resolve to stop buying “off-brand” coffee, when I know only Starbucks will do! I deserve the best this “100% Responsibly grown, Ethically traded” coffee has to offer me at 6 o’clock in the morning!

For your sake, I’ll stop here.

Besides, if you’re the “local yocal” who produces my girls’ dance recitals, don’t assume anything. I could be making this all up. And if you’re the laundry lady at my mom’s ALF, those turqoise thongs really are hers! Wait, I digress… back to serious matters-

The best way I’ve found to clean up my abundance consciousness is to look around and offer Infinite Love & Gratitude for my blessings. My husband, my girls, the sink full of last night’s dishes, the laundry that always seems to be in 3 states (the “to be washed”, “to be folded” and “to be put away” piles). Hey, I figure that if I’m lucky enough to have the aforementioned people, things, etc….

Then I’m Lucky Enough!

11 Responses to "My New “Abundance Resolutions” List"

I am absolutely firm on my mantra of “Abundance” and it has never failed me. I have learned not to cap my request and never cancel my ‘checks’. I like your resolution list, because I am not always as specific as that, but it’s that simple. Thanks for the reminder that it’s as easy as.…

Yes, I firmly believe in A&YSR too! I just have to be careful that my little habits (of course some of those were fabricated) don’t contradict my asking. My one guilty pleasure… leftovers. I don’t know. Do you think that sends a message to the Universe that “the only way I can get my next meal is if it’s last nite’s spaghetti…” what do you think?

I believe that recycle, reuse, repurpose is not a bad thing. Waste not want not, either. Saving leftovers and actually using them is a good thing. Buying things made from recyled material: a good thing. Supporting industries trying to encourage the use of easily renewable resources as opposed to rare commodities, is a good thing.

It’s not that Mother Earth cannot renew herself; it’s that we are treating her with respect by partaking of her sparingly and with reverance and not greedily and thoughtlessly. The American Indians (Native Americans) would pray before killing an animal and in some cases ask the animal’s spirit for permission. We are allowed to have what we want and need but there is no reason to waste what we already have if it’s perfectly good and we really want it.

I believe in ABUNDANCE, something Amelia has eloquently illustrated, but not in wantoness. Take what you need, take plenty, ask for plenty. Just be respectful.

I hope that answers your question about leftovers, Quirky/Quarky Girl?

Girl: this is so on the money, pun intended!!!

I haven’t come 100% clean (not even close) but I am learning to actually trust the Universe to know what It is doing!! Our Abundant and Providential Universe is filled with love and good things for us if we only allow them in by matching our vibes to them and not to what is wrong or unfair, etc.

Of course you have already spoken of that. Please keep up this inspiring work, my friend. I am so proud and in awe of you!!

Love, Amy

When you first start harnessing the power of the universe from your manifestations, it’s almost surreal that it can and does happen. The hardest thing to do is let it happen, unquestioned, and don’t cancel your ‘checks’ by doubting. This is not easy, especially at first, because we are programmed in the pessimistic and we need to undo that programming. Amy, you are already receiving the abundance you deserve, keep up the deprogramming, dont put a ‘cap’ on your requests. Like you said so beautifully: Trust the Universe … ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!

Quirky Quarky Girl – You have been placed in my path just when I needed you most… LOVE the blog and your wonderful perspecitve. Your posts are the breath of lighness in a sluggish world. The best of everything to you and your readers 🙂

Good Morning Amelia,

I am so happy that I can bring a little bit of light into your world. We can remind each other to ALLOW, to live infinitely abundant lives, in every aspect of our lives.

May we both be a perfect vibrational match to our increased prosperity and Most Importantly, have FUN along the way:) (ditto for all my readers)

Blessings- QQG

Hey Amy,

By the sound of your replies, you must have a Grand Blog up your sleeves. I eagerly await reading your posts…

You did a find job addressing my “leftovers” question. We can and should learn a lot from our Native Americans. May we both be a perfect vibrational match to our new and improved prosperity…

Love- Me (QQG)

I love the groundedness of your resolutions in relation to the ethereal nature of the abundance theory. Great way to show how to own an abstract concept and make it real!

Hi Miss S. Cell,

Thanks for your comment. When you look at the quantum physics behind our feelings and thoughts, manifestations come in a concrete way (even when you aren’t looking at the QP behind it). These concrete manifestations sometimes feel really ouchy and hard… Did you see what happened in “My Three Greatest Fears”. Now, if we just leverage all that time and energy into the more positive “abundance and prosperity” asking/creating…

Blessings- QQG

QQG I like your sense of humour. It will help a lot when explaining things to your girls, I’m sure. And by the way, I’m in agreement with the other ladies who’ve suggested there’s nothing wrong with re-purposing something or being excited about things others have grown tired of.

In a way, by appreciating gifts of once-loved items from your friends, you are renewing a creation and sharing, particularly if you are accepting things you truly like. Also, your when you’re thrilled about a new vintage item, let’s say, I suspect your friends feel like they had good taste in the first place. 🙂

May you always know peace and abundance if that is what you seek.


Thank you for the kind words. I guess my busy life got the best of me and I forgot to reply. My dream is to be the Tina Fey of LOA and I love Einstein… If you ever see a book written by Tina “Feinstein”- you’ll know my dream came true!!

Expect the Blest-
Forget the Rest-


QQG (Ceci)

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