“Ooh-topia” World vs. “New-topia” World?

Posted on: May 21, 2011

The World needs to end! The World as we know it- that is!

Let’s leave the fear-based “Ooh-topia” World behind and reach for the “New-topia” World that’s brimming with LOVE. It always has been, is now and always will be. All you have to do is seek and you will find. Try it, it works!

Last night I read a few blogs, articles and comment threads regarding today’s  predicted Judgement Day. Some messages were so vitriolic that I had to drive to the nearest nuclear plant at midnight, sneak past security and head for the nearest specialized shower to clean all the gunk off!

Note to self… and note to World- CHILL OUT!

Check out this short clip that offers such profound words regarding the skill of really, once and for all, chilling out!!!!

P.S. and do go ahead and pay that mortgage that’s due next week… our World has a bright future, especially if you choose to see it that way 🙂

4 Responses to "“Ooh-topia” World vs. “New-topia” World?"

Great clip! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love Abraham Hicks.

Hi Lola,

Thanks for your comment. I love Abe-Hx too! I especially love the way the messages are so profound and seem to be just right for every listener. Have a safe and fun-filled Mem Day weekend.

QQ Girl:

Despite the negativity out there, I feel the world’s gradual movement toward possibiltiy, hope, and even joyous faith. All is well and as it should be. The more we realize our power the more it will be heaven on earth. In our lifetimes we will see improvement, but it will take a little while. Meanwhile, those in the “know” will be able to make THEIR world better even if the collective one is clouded in confusion. I feel the critical mass caused by growing love and light and faith on our planet Earth.

QQ Girl, thank you for writing. The more you reach more of us the more we add to that crtical mass we’re seeking!! I sure appreciate you and your powerful expression!!


Dear Amy,

Sooner or later my viewing audience might be on to the fact that I am paying you to make such positive, engaging comments. Just kidding! You are so sweet- I couldn’t afford you!

I totally agree with you. If we all continue to focus on the Love and Light in our world then that will be magnified. Mother Mary said, “My soul magnifies the Lord.” I believe this occurs when we think, seek and speak only goodness! Heck yeah we will experience negative emotions/experiences at times, but we don’t have to dwell on it, gossip about it and fuel those fires any longer. Yay us!

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