What is This World Coming To?

Posted on: February 16, 2012

Everywhere I look I see Joy!!! Correction! Everywhere I look I seek Joy! It’s all around me!

Be lifted up by Happy Thoughts!It’s all over the news.

All over the internet.

All over the world!!

Turned on the TV last night and there it was on every channel…

“Three-year-old saves teenage brother from tripping over his own ‘pants falling down’ jeans!” …click… “Man hangs upside down for three hours from bridge until drowning woman stops texting long enough to reach his outstretched hand!”…click…homeless man returns wallet with seven maxed out credit cards and 10K in cash!”

Channel after channel, only wonderful, uplifting, “raise your vibration” kind of news. How can that be?

Just what is this world coming to?? … maybe the proverbial Fork in the Road where it’s time to choose between Right (happy news) and Left (inconsequential news… i.e. which female celebrity has the most cellulite per square inch on her right thigh)

Maybe it’s time to let go of all negative thoughts (you know the kind that get nurtured and grow from dwelling on all the nitty-gritty details – for the 100th time today- of someone’s untimely, early death.)

What is this world coming to? It’s Already Here. We’re Already Here… If we just Let Go and Let God… and rise above the chaos :).

1 Response to "What is This World Coming To?"

QQ Girl:

You could be reading my mind!! YES!!! We can each find many nuggets of wisdom, or good news, or funny stuff in each day, including in the media!!

Every day there is so much going RIGHT!! Why not notice that? And what’s going right can and will increase and increase and increase!!!

Love your messages!!

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