Why? Why? Why?

Posted on: February 20, 2012

Why is it so easy to keep my house clean, neat and organized? Well, it’s not! So I play a little game cleverly named the “Why?” game. When I see things in my Life that I’d like to change, I just state it in the form of a “Why?” question and then I sit back and wait for God to give me all the answers.

Used to do it all the time before I even knew the power of my thoughts and words.

*Why is that person such an idiot? Presto! God would answer me with a long list of reasons.

*Why does my team always lose? ditto. long list of fumbles, mistakes, etc…

*Why does that FB friend drop the “F” bomb so much… here comes the avalanche…

So here’s my list of positive “Why’s”? for today.

1. Why is it so easy to practice what I preach?

2. Why is my family so wonderful in every way?

3. Why is this planet getting better and better with age?

4. Why is it so easy to LOVE others… all others?

5. Why is Homeschooling so exciting and easy and fulfilling- all the time?

6. Why do I always know when to stop talking? and then actually stop?

7. Why do I have more than enough time in my day to do everything I need and want to do?

8. Why are there so many wonderful surprises greeting me around every corner today?

9. Why do I have such an abiding attitude of gratitude?

10. Why am I so infinitely blessed?

Why are you even reading this? Bet you’re infinitely blessed too! Don’t feel it? Just ask. Sit back. Wait. Careful not to trip over the answers. 🙂

Just snap your fingers and "presto"!




3 Responses to "Why? Why? Why?"

QQ Girl:

Why am I healing so quickly? Why is my hair starting to grow back? Why am I feeling so much more energetic and strong? Why do I have such a great doctor? Why do I have such a great family? Why are their fights getting fewer and further between? Why am I so prosperous? Why is there a wonderful man in store for me (one day when I’m truly ready)? WHY WHY WHY????

LOVED YOUR POST!! Thanks so much! It was perfect and came at the perfect time for me!

Love ya!


Thanks Amy!!! I love your “Why’s”!!! Why are YOU so empowered!!! Now just sit back and wait for the Universe to answer, right?

Why do I love you so much dear friend?

QQ Girl 🙂


You’re a wonderful, wonderful friend!!

I love you, too!! I”m so glad we met and became friends!! Thanks for all of your support!


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