No Loss For Words

Posted on: December 15, 2012

Ben's Last Note...

I have so much to say about the recent events in Connecticut- I could speak to this issue until Infinity!

My 6-year-old son, Ben wrote this note the day before he died. I was a school teacher where he attended school and he usually hung out in my room at the end of the day. On this day, he rushed in to find my room empty (I was in another teacher’s classroom), but chose to leave the sweet note before heading off to find his dad in the carpool line. I found the note and tucked it away in my organizer.

Flash forward to a few days later after the car accident that would change my life forever. Surrounded by family and friends, I reached for something out of my organizer and the note jumped out at me!

I share this personal story (purposely leaving out a zillion details), to make my point that events such as this, however painful, and unfathomable, are RANDOM!

In the same way, the events in Connecticut are too! RANDOM! A favorite author of mine posted on her FB page that it “seems that the world is crazy- with recent events in Norway, China, Colorado… etc..” Let’s educate ourselves and get about 7 billion things straight… Considering the world’s population, the acts of violence (tragedy in any form) are RANDOM and the acts of Kindness and Love are RAMPANT, occurring every second!

In the world of Competitive Media you won’t hear about those “boring” happy stories because the media can’t muster up enough creativity to monetize Good News!

I dare say that guns, knives, poison, etc…. don’t kill people. Thoughts kill people. Yes, I said it. Plain and simple. The very anxiety, fear and hate that’s being splashed and smeared across my FB newstream is from the same ocean the killer bathed in for years. It’s like the “frog in boiling water” analogy.

Remember, if you throw a frog in boiling water he jumps out immediately, but if you place him in warm water and slowly turn up the heat, he’ll acclimate to the higher temp and won’t even know what killed him!

Is our society acclimatizing to a climate of fear, letting things go unchecked? Are we raising our children to believe in a “culture of death?” Whatever happened to our “culture of LIFE?” It’s there IF we choose to seek it out. Some people have to SEE it to believe it. Others, have learned that Believing is Seeing! Doesn’t Jesus say, “Blessed are they who believe who’ve not yet seen?” As we pray for those mourning, can we refrain from seeing them as they are- “weeping and mourning in this valley of death?” OR, even better, can we just use our imaginations to SEE them on the other side of this- smiling, laughing, living, LOVING and letting go, while bathed in an Infinite Peace that surpasses all human understanding. Can we even send Light & Love to the gunman and his family?

Most of all, should we shield our children from ALL the nitty-gritty details? I mean really now, where do you stop if you make it your goal in life to warn your children of all the horrible “What If’s”. What kind of life might the gunman have experienced if he’d been raised with all the wonderful “What If’s” scenarios.

Maybe that’s why God gave us a remote control. Go straight to the happy channel that will lift you up, instead of stopping at all the others to whine about what’s wrong- this is a skill I’m still trying to perfect. I refuse to believe that we live in an “Evil World”, growing darker by the hour. God gave us FREE WILL to choose our thoughts and this could be a great opportunity to look around and list all the wonderful aspects of this world.

So, my question is this- Can we simultaneously spend a few moments sending Love and Light to ALL involved while letting go of the fear and anxiety surrounding the tragedy? In these days leading up to December 21, 2012, remember that our intentions and thoughts are magnified. This can be the “best of times”, or the “worst of times” but the Creator gave us the free will to choose. Most of all, what will you say to your children? Here’s what I say, “Yes, these things do happen… but they are extremely______________?” My girls fill in the blank with a resounding- “Rare!”

Now let’s all go talk about the infinitely wonderful things happening in this world today and make it our intentions to experience JOY!


2 Responses to "No Loss For Words"

QQ Girl:

You did a MAGNIFICENT job with this timely post. You MASTERFULLY put the point accross that WE are in the driver seat as to what we see, and on what we focus and to what we give priority!! Thank you so much!!

On a more personal note, I was incredibly moved and touched by Ben’s sweet and loving note that he left for you that day. How amazing that he left that for you, not knowing that he was going home early to Jesus, just a day later? The Universe in all its beautiful ways is wondrous; we see it if we just trust in God and know that He has provided the ways and means to a joyful existence, not matter its length. We are eternal beings, so there is no death–just transitions to different states of existence. While tragedy does exist, so much is going well, and working out miraculously, at any given point of time, that we heal if we just refocus our perspective!

Thanks again for this wonderful, beautifully written post!

Hey Dear Friend, I always love to hear from you re: my posts. You are a great friend because I just love having someone to discuss ideas with!!! Love you – Me 🙂

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