She’d Hate to Be Me!

Posted on: August 13, 2013


She doesn’t even know me, and yet she’d hate to be me! Why can’t she simply say this about herself– “I love being ME!” Why hate?

Well, I’m a quirky-quarky girl, so I must digress with a little story that promises to come in handy later in this post.

I love home-made smoothies! I love to place my order with my daughter, Mia for a banana, strawberry, blueberry shake, complete with vanilla protein mix. I would say it’s “good to the last drop”, but anyone who’s ever made a smoothie knows that the last 50 drops are about as elusive as Al Capone on a cold, dark Chicago night. In fact, within mere seconds, that last bit of drink transforms to cement before my very eyes. The trick is to fill the blender up with water- immediately, to keep the Quickcrete from setting. All. The. Way! Leaving 3-4 inches of purple slime on the walls of the blender simply defeats my efforts of soaking the blender at all. Why bother? Now, back to the Facebook story. I’ll return to this blender drama in a minute.

A few days ago I commented on a friend’s post on FaceBook. The post was pertaining to spirituality and religion and the opinion (held here) that there are many paths up the mountain. My friend’s friend, an atheist jumped in to give her two-cents worth and together we agreed that others need to be free to express who they are without the need for approval from any of the other 7 billion people on the planet…. and still maintain the ability to give and receive Unconditional Love!

Meanwhile, a fly on the wall (another friend of The Friend) chimed into our convo to simply say, “I’d hate to be you guys.” Chirping crickets here.

Neither of us responded to her. Immediately I thought, why can’t WE, when faced with opinions WE vehemently oppose, simply say- I love being me! It’s a much better way to add a tiny dose of LOVE to the world’s energy for the day instead of jumping on the HATE bandwagon.

I wonder what her religious background is (just a morbid curiosity)? I wonder if she’s subject to this illusion of separation. This vision of the brain, or the heart where we have the things, people, experiences we HATE on one side and all the things we love on the other.

Got news for her… for us… for me… I simply cannot hold two opposing views in my head or heart at the same time. I AM either loving or I am not and anything less than that just jerks me off my path with God.

Seriously, think of walking a high wire over Niagara Falls. Every beautiful, loving, joyful thought keeps you steadfastly balanced on the thin wire. In the same way, every criticism, judgement, hate-mongering comment tugs at your center of gravity, lurching you toward the ground. (note to self- this includes every bit of griping about a not-so-perfect meal in a restaurant)

We give ourselves credit for every bit of LOVE we do have, for our select subject matter, as if that will carry us all the way. However, we are only as pure and lovely as our last thought!

I see so many friends on FB expressing their offense at certain “foul language”, and never giving the most damaging, most vile ones a second thought. The only “F” word that should really offend is FEAR. Why? I contend that every misaligned act since time began- from every person, group, religion, corporation- stems from the bedrock of this most heinous “F” word/belief system.

So back to the blender-

Cleaning up just half of your negative thoughts is not very effective. This means, no whining, no criticizing, no venting… And isn’t it just easier to say, “Look around and just count your blessings and seek out those things that you can be grateful for.”

Now I get it! That very large man wearing the “Hey Hater” t-shirt was talking to me a year ago at Publix. I was so offended by his message that I nearly walked up to him in the produce department, right by the tomatoes (handy for pummeling) to demand why he would wear such a hate-inducing shirt. Me? Of all people! I thought I wrote the book on love and now I know. Every time I open my mouth to point out anything of a negative nature- I am a little hater lover… just needing a little reminder to stay on the wire. It’s so easy- it’s hard HEART!


3 Responses to "She’d Hate to Be Me!"

It’s so interesting to study oneself after an encounter that doesn’t go well or after receiving a negative comment. One first focuses on the “other”, but later examines oneself in an effort to learn, grow and improve from the exchange. What I’ve discovered about myself is so valuable to me. I guess I’m saying that the negative, or contrast, is good! Thanks for another great post, QQ!

Love, Amy

Totally agreed. There’s always a lesson in there for me. Sounds like you might be an Abe-Hicks fan… with your use of the word contrast? Love them! Love LOA! Love Life. Thanks again for the nice feedback.


QQG (Ceci)

QQ Girl: It’s me, Amy!! I am starting a new blog soon, called Rosemary, Salt, & Sage… I’ve been digging your posts, my friend!

Love, Amy

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