Accept & Receive

Posted on: October 12, 2013

Sunflowers Aha! I just realized that I’m not who I think I AM!! I like to think I’m all Miss Positive and Happy Happy and I just got caught. Let’s just say I caught on to the disturbing fact that I struggle with accepting and receiving. When others compliment me in any way, I find myself responding with a knee-jerk reaction of borderline negativity-ish-ism-speak. A new friend brought this to my attention indirectly by reacting to a positive comment I made to her. She simply replied, “I accept and receive that blessing.” Wow! That felt empowering. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to have a little convo with the Universe… Well, and since I’m addicted to the simplicity of the alphabet… here goes.

Being of (somewhat) sound mind and body, I do hereby ACCEPT & RECEIVE the following, but surely not limited to such- since the Universe always has even better things in store for me.

I accept and receive my…

Abundant life
Beautiful home
Creative mind
Delicious meals
Energetic body
Free thinking
Great friends
Healthy body
Inspiring ideas
Joyful journey
Kind teachers
Loving family
Musical wealth
Natural surroundings
Outstanding career
Peaceful oceans
Quiet moments
Restful bed
Successful dreaming
Tender children
Uber husband
Victorious God
Wise authors
X-cellent Variety
Youthful heart
Zen-ful NOW!


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