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Happy 4th of July and infinite thanks goes to all who give of their time, talents and lives to keep our country free!!

Freedom! Are you really free? This is not a trick question, nor is it intended to be political, but I sure do want you to think outside the box!

Are you free to do what you love most?
Free to travel coast to coast?
Free to shop at any store?
To dine somewhere and ask for more?
Free to fly out on a whim,
See foreign lands and Uncle Jim,
Free to donate any sum
To children living in the slum.
Free to start your own foundation,
Freely give to any nation?
Free to climb up any mountain,
Install a pool or backyard fountain?
Free to spend on anything
A boat, or even how to sing?
Your cup is meant to overflow
Stop feeling guilty, don’t say “No!”
To all the blessings you receive
Just be grateful and believe…
I AM worthy!

Divine Providence has led me to a business that enables me to help others with their health and their wealth. You’ll never hear me complain about Healthcare or Social Security (or lack thereof) because I’m all about the Self-empowerment this business offers. No more trading hours for dollars in this household! I AM happy and grateful for every person and every choice that led me here. I AM happy and grateful for true FREEDOM!!! So watch out NYC!!! Here I come!!!

P.S. Message me for more information on my business. Of course, that’s only if you want to help others with their health and wealth too 🙂


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