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My Daddy was an incredible human being! He left this planet eight years ago, but I think of him constantly, especially around the Thanksgiving Holidays. He was very Will Rogers-esque in that he never met a man (or person) that he didn’t like. In fact, his idea of family was always, “The more, the merrier!” (This helps explain why we have a beloved, “informally adopted” brother in our clan.)

I’m intrigued by this most popular holiday, the one where we attempt to gather with close family and friends to confess and count our blessings. So I set out on a personal quest to discover how Some People choose to celebrate this Family Holiday. Well, after many hours on the road and too many interviews to count, this is what I’ve come to know…

I know Some People who gather everyone in, Family and Friends, no restrictions apply :).

And- I know Some People who invite only the “Happily Married” Family and Friends. (Really, this is what I was told in one interview. They even quoted statistics that help them carve out the guest list… “50% of all marriages end in divorce…”)

I know Some People who welcome relatives (cousins) of ALL ages.

And- I know Some People who invite only those with children whose ages match up perfectly. (One person implied that this makes playtime much easier.)

I know Some People who call for Potluck, once the main Tom Turkey course has been established.

And- I know Some People who invite only the people who know the menu “routine.” (I think this is supposed to prevent any sort of food drama?)

Now, I find the results of these interviews rather disturbing… as in the very ideas disturb my peace of mind. I told my husband that I couldn’t understand how Some People could be this way. He promptly replied, “You don’t need to understand them. You just need to look away.” My children couldn’t imagine these choices, these traditions either. They actually cried at the very thought… real tears. Sensitive little humans that they are.

So, I guess I’ll sum up my findings by saying that-

I know Some People who say-

That just knowing Some People doesn’t make them Family.

Some People believe that Families are made up of people (blood and/or water) who want to be around you- at your house, their house, a party,  even for the holidays. (or so I gathered in my interviews.)

As one participant put it, “Yes, of course blood is thicker than water, but when the blood turns to scabs, scabs turn to scars and scars turn to chronic negative thoughts… It’s time to turn to new skin, or possibly just New Kin.

Just Imagyne a world where more people could be like my dear old dad…

OR better yet-

Just Imagyne a world where we only devote our time and energy to those people who really enjoy our company.

What do you think?


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