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If you’re here looking for some sort of Sweeny Todd-ish method of transforming your least favorite person into meat pies, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Here’s my list of the top ten hidden uses for your enemies:

1. They promptly show you how you don’t want to be, time and again.

2. They offer you plenty of opportunities to practice unconditional love.

3. They help you focus on “putting your hand to the plow”, giving each new encounter a fresh perspective.

4. They jerk you back to your blissful NOW, where your sweet children and grocery list patiently wait, in sharp contrast to the seemingly annoying memories of what he/she said or did.

5. They make great doorstops. (I threw this one in just to see if you are paying attention)

6. They reflect what you need to learn. Yes, (repeat after me) they either exhibit behavior that you’re guilty of- to a small degree- OR they prove that you have a long-standing expectation of them that needs to be released.

7. They are messengers from God to test your skills of speaking only of beautiful, wanted things ONLY!

8. They can be boiled down in a large pot for 10 minutes, thus making a great liver cleanse if you dare to partake. (Again, not a Freudian slip- just a mild attempt to see if you are still with me.)

9. They drive home the point that you are LOVERS and when you are not LOVING (you know, like when you’re venting and fuming with a third party about what was said or done) we feel bad!

10. They provide the Ultimate Test to see if you can see them as Jesus does- at the very core of who they are, they are beautiful and wonderful!

Expect the BLEST!
Forget the REST!

Sometime back, a dear friend was going through a difficult time. I told her I would pray for her and she replied, “Just see me on the other side of this.” No, she didn’t mean in the after-life!  She wanted me to see her happy and well on the “Other Side” of the issue. Didn’t Jesus do this when he encountered the paralytic (Mark 2:11) and told him to pick up his mat and go home. If that’s not seeing the “Other Side of Paralyzed” I don’t know what is!

The other day I felt extremely ill in church, as if I’d pass out and cause one of those embarrassing scenes where the congregation focuses on the medical drama instead of the service. My husband went to get the car and my ten-year old leaned over to ask if I was okay. “Just say a little prayer,” I asked, as I sat there saying my own… affirming my body’s ability to heal itself- and thanking God for that cellular wisdom!

On the ride home I started feeling better and my daughter shared the context of her prayer. “Mama, I just saw you dancing Hip-Hop with me in the den.” (We had just recently started an exercise dance program on TV). Wow, I was so thrilled to hear that she was learning how to leave all the worry and negative thoughts out of her prayer for me and just visualize me on the “other side” of my illness.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for Japan (and any hurting nation, friend or family member) if we could only see them on the “other side” of this tsunami and its aftermath.  Jesus says “Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believe.” (John 20:29) This is true from the smallest of issues to global events. From micro to macro. If we only use our powerful imagination to see the beautiful Japanese people in our minds’ eyes- smiling, laughing, dancing. And our prayers and thoughts for these people should be free from worry since “worrying is essentially using your imagination to create unwanted things”- a recent quote from Abraham.  Imagine a dance-a-thon of these lovely people crowded at the top of magnificent Mount Fuji doing Hip-Hop.

So, if you follow news reports about Japan’s (any nation, any chronic issue…)  current state of well-being and that affects your ability to see them on the “Other Side”, then do them a huge, healthy favor and Go Inside… your imagination, of course!


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