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Choose from the buffet of Positive ThoughtsLet me be the first to say- I’m just not hungry for “The Hunger Games.”

What’s more shocking? That Hollywood producers would spend millions on a movie about a postapocalyptic world where children fight to the death in “The Hunger Games” OR that our culture would be so jaded as to seek the entertainment value in such a show? With GREAT ANTICIPATION… I might add.

We know that some things are better left unsaid, but aren’t some things better left UNSEEN? Do I really need to see a play-by-play, minute-by-minute What If account of this New World born from the mind of Suzanne Collins?

At first, I thought- “How can regular You & Me people settle for this, much less camp out overnight to buy tickets.” And then it hit me like a lead balloon… a hot air balloon to be exact.

We are programmed from our earliest years to give all Glory and Honor to violence and catastrophic imaginings. (movies, video games, 24-hour news channels that repeat the same stories an average of 100 times each half-hour). Our subconscious minds are like sponges, soaking it all in over the years.

So, to blame my dear friend (who is beautiful and lovely in every way) for saying, “It’s just for the entertainment value…” Well, that would be like blaming the calculator for telling me that 2+3=5 or the computer software for performing a certain way. It’s all about the programming! So, here are two words, just in time… WAKE UP!

What are we, CRAZY? Or just LAZY? Too lazy to monitor our thoughts or think for ourselves.

The pen is mightier than the sword! And even mightier than the pen is your Mind! So, how will you choose to use Your Mind today? Your “I AM” energy? As for me, I’ll try to Choose a Happier Thought If It’s the LAUGH Thing I Do. Why? Because I just happen to be an Imagyneer in training.

Now how in the world would I ever be able to Choose a Happier Thought while sitting next to my nine and eleven year old daughters as we share the special Big Screen moment of two children fighting to the death for sport in the Olympic-Like arena during the Hunger Games?

The buttered popcorn and Butterfingers would help, but overall it would leave a bad taste in my mouth that no miracle toothpaste could ever undo. You’d just have to bring out the Men In Black memory-erasing laser gadget to beep me on the way out.

I won’t go so far as to call for a boycott of this movie, because that would be Me trying to program You and your mind. However, I will make one final plea-

Just Imagyne a better world. Kinda hard to do while sitting in Some Movie Theaters?

The World needs to end! The World as we know it- that is!

Let’s leave the fear-based “Ooh-topia” World behind and reach for the “New-topia” World that’s brimming with LOVE. It always has been, is now and always will be. All you have to do is seek and you will find. Try it, it works!

Last night I read a few blogs, articles and comment threads regarding today’s  predicted Judgement Day. Some messages were so vitriolic that I had to drive to the nearest nuclear plant at midnight, sneak past security and head for the nearest specialized shower to clean all the gunk off!

Note to self… and note to World- CHILL OUT!

Check out this short clip that offers such profound words regarding the skill of really, once and for all, chilling out!!!!

P.S. and do go ahead and pay that mortgage that’s due next week… our World has a bright future, especially if you choose to see it that way 🙂

Have you heard? This Saturday, May 21, 2011 is Judgement Day!

Guess what? And you can say you heard it from me… it’s really Judgement Nanosecond (one billionth of a second) and it’s a wonderful thing!!! Wheeee! (I’ll get back to this in about 300 billion nanoseconds or 5 minutes, whichever comes first.)

So, USA Today ran a full-page ad from a Christian group who wants us to “spread the word.” Why? So we can ignite a mass panic, max out our credit cards, skip studying for next Monday’s Calculus finals or just run off to Orlando one last time (that’s my choice.)

And you thought Mother’s Day was a busy phone day? Just wait until about 3:00 p.m. this Saturday. Yes, they’ve actually narrowed it down to a specific time and God only knows what time zone?  Didn’t anyone have the decency to tell them that Time is a construct of Man. (Ask a bird what time it is and he’ll say it’s time to find a worm or time to take a “purple-berried poo” right over the boardwalk.) And spare us the earthquakes, because (I’m no IT specialist, but…) I think 6 billion simultaneous good-bye calls, tweets and texts will sufficiently throw the planet off the grid-for good!

I don’t know? What do you think?  Or DO YOU THINK?… for yourself, that is?

This universe gives us a never-ending supply of reasons to be happy, joyful and thrilled beyond imagination. And in this vibratory world (you know those gazillion atoms whizzing around inside of you never get a day off – not even a nanosecond off)  you get the experiences you dream about, gossip about, tweet about or even worry about. Oh, there’s some fun science behind all this, but skip that and just go skip… or run or swim straight to your nearest local happy place.

Many ancient texts teach us that we will be are (constantly) judged by our thoughts, words and deeds. And not judged as in “good or bad” but in a very objective, systematic, universal and profound way. Some call this the Law of Attraction.  Others don’t -and don’t even feel comfortable with the concept. That’s okay, it doesn’t matter – the law is at work whether you know it or not. Every thought and feeling has its own unique vibration and those vibes radiate out to the universe and attract other similar thoughts. Like that Wooly Willy magnet hair toy from Cracker Barrel. Works like this –

Wooly Willy’s face – Your life

Tiny magnet filings – Your thoughts

Wooly Willy’s  Final hairdo – Your manifested reality

Last week, my daughter received a lovely card in the mail from her Godfather with the following scripture: “Be joyful always, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) Amen, sister! All I ever really needed to know about Life can be found in this one-liner! Well, that and the part where Jesus gives us the new commandment to love one another as He has loved us!

Note to self – the verse doesn’t say “Be joyful always-unless it’s Judgement Day and then run like hell to the nearest helicopter to time it just right for hovering over natural disasters? Really are some people just so full of the “I told you so” syndrome that they really want to be right in the face of predicting world-wide catastrophes?

So treat next Saturday like any other day (or nanosecond). Practice being in your Eternal Now. That’s just a fancy way of saying pay attention to and enjoy the Who, What and Where of your physical environment, moment by moment. (And no I’m not talking about the Eternal Now of the last 8 seconds of an NCAA basketball game-that could go on for another 30 minutes!)

Look people, I’m trying to warn you. The Kingdom of God is at hand!

Always has been, always will be – as close to you as your beating heart and your next best thought! Now pardon me while I go search for my one and only gold coin. It’s sure to fetch a hefty price this Saturday say around 2:30 p.m. Question is, can I make it to NYC for one more showing of Wicked before the world ends?

What- are you still here? Go on. Get out of here and go pick a happy thought if it’s the LAUGH thing you do!


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