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My financial advisor wants to Baker Act me! He thinks I’m a danger to my portfolio! Me? I think I’m just ready for some Organic Investing.

What is Organic Investing? Well, it’s the exact opposite of investing in obscure Mutual Funds. You know the ones with anywhere from 30-100 different companies in the mix. Do you know who’s Green and who’s not? Who hires 5 year old factory workers and who’s marketing cigarettes to kids?

….Beep, beep, beep. We interrupt this blog to bring you an open can of worms… I just researched one fund I once owned and look who I’ve been supporting… just to name a few…Monsato, News Corp, Inc., Phillip Morris International!

Back to Organic Investing 101…. I like to compare it to organic gardening where you know your dirt and your dirt knows you. Or mixing up your own salad dressing with 3 identifiable (and pronounceable) ingredients as opposed to the 25 listed on the grocery store bottle. Or shaking up your own homemade icecream in 5-10 minutes with 3 ingredients; half-n-half, sugar (organic honey if you so choose?) and vanilla instead of buying the store brand that just might contain Anti-freeze?

In the past, when my mutual funds “performed” well, I really didn’t quite know who to “high-five?” Well, to be brutally honest, I never even paid much attention to how they were performing. Most of my attention is spent on how my two children are performing… in their 12 extracurricular activities I taxi them to and from (and yes, my Wazoo is hurting as we speak).

So, I called my genius financial advisor-who has always made superb choices with my portfolio re: the Bottom Line- Ricardo (his name has been changed from English to Spanish to protect the “sane”) and told him that I wanted some money from my portfolio to invest in a local business. Well, he did his usual brilliant job of trying to reason with The Unreasonable.  And in a flash, the truth behind my excitement came flooding in. It just feels wonderful and exciting to know exactly what you’re investing in…. so, let’s feel our way to a prosperous future, shall we.

1. Are you letting JOY be your intention behind everything you do. Especially investing!  (Sorry, but if you’re my friend and you don’t make me laugh, or at least smile… you’re climbing a slippery slope… now if you inadvertantly fall, that could be funny, thereby bumping you back up the rating scale)

2. Are you using Your Six Senses– Can you feel, see, touch, taste or smell it? And, more importantly, do you like what you sense? Check! Five down, one to go-The Sixth Sense (and no, I’m not asking if you can see dead people!) Do you have a wonderful, exciting gut feeling about the investment? (Monsato?, Phillip Morris? – I suddenly feel nauseous as you should too, if you find that your investments go against your heart and soul) Does it resonate with you?

2. Can you High Five the General Manager or the CEO? I can! I know his name, his shoe size, where he lives, his mama’s phone number. I can see the exhiliration on his face as he shares his business plan. I can already see us doing the Prosperity Popping dance (my personal favorite is the Robot!)!!

If you answered “yes” to ALL THREE of the above questions (they are  all equally important!) you are already an Organic Investor! Now go enjoy that Homemade Ranch Dressing Ice Cream Sundae while you Grow Your Local Economy!


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