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Have you seen the glazed look in my neighbor's eyes?

If I say “I’m up to the “h” in Alzheimer’s” (or up to the “t” for those of you who like to call it “All-Timers”) just one more time, I’ll… I’ll… well as soon as I remember what I plan to do to myself, I’ll tell you.

I saw that glazed look in my neighbor’s eyes as I was telling her my plans for the summer and when she (in a sweet, patient manner) finished my sentence I automatically put myself down for being so forgetful. Hmmm. I think I should know better about the power of words and immediately thought of the exact opposite message I’d like to send myself. From now on, I’m up to the “C” in Focus.

I sat down one morning to start this post, typed out the title and then- something distracted me. Twenty-four hours later, I returned to my laptop to find ONLY the title…Liar That It Is… staring me in the face- “Up 2 the ‘C’ in Focus.” The point here is that telling a different story (Here’s Abe-Hicks on the topic- http://bit.ly/9q6Es0)  is fine even when my environment offers evidence to the contrary.

I hear negativity flowing out of mouths all around me. Recently, I was at the beach with friends and I’d just given an eleven-year-old boy a piece of string cheese. He accidentally dropped it and the first words out of his mouth were “You idiot!” No, of course he wasn’t talking to me. I wish he had been. I wonder how many negative messages it took (from himself or others) for that to be his instant reaction to something so simple.

I think I’m even speaking myself right into Old Age. From the time I toddled and spoke my first words I proudly announced to the world-and the sweet, old lady cashier at the Piggly Wiggly-that I was 2 years OLD. If I add up the number of times I’ve said, “I’m ? years OLD,” I’d be shocked. Imagine the different physical me I could’ve created by saying, “I’m 8 revolutions around the sun.” Or,while I’m busy revolving around the sun I could’ve gone off on a tangent and said, “I’m incredibly gifted and talented,” all through the years. Wow, what a world of difference the energy of those words would make in anyone… everyone’s life!

Here are a few random thoughts from my newly sanitized language that’s sure to clean up my personal reality in those exact areas that need it.

1. I’m up to the ‘a’ in Culinary Artist (and I’m talking only the first ‘a’).

2. I’m up to the ‘c’ in Perfectionist (when it comes to house cleaning- I even wash out my dust pan!).

3. I’m up to the ‘y’ in Physically Fit.

4. My bank accounts are up to the ‘u’ in Prosperous!

5. My government is up to the ‘n’ in Efficient!

6. My planet is up to the ‘y’ in Amazingly Healthy (and that’s the second ‘y’….no less!)

Oops, busy day ahead so I gotta run because I’m up to my eyeballs in alligators silver and gold…. ah, the sweet, sweet power of the imagination.


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