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Mind control.

Aren’t you just sick and tired of others doing your job? Yes, it’s your job to control your own mind, by thinking for yourself. (the cynic in me would say to hurry up and think for yourself before it’s illegal.)
Did you know the word government literally means “mind control?” (Govern- control and ment- mind). It’s no secret that the most sure-fire way to control any person, group, or society is through fear. But don’t we all know fear fuels more fear, or even worse… it helps to create very real, physical manifestations in an unwanted reality.

I recently caused a healthy dose of “agreeing to disagree” on my FB wall by posting the picture above with statistics about the relativity of risks we face daily. If I had it to do all over again, I would’ve edited it to read “Healthcare” instead of “Obamacare.” The point I was trying to make was that the media does a bang-up job of sensationalizing any and all negative occurances in society until we find ourselves trembling at the very thought of this happening in our “backyard.” I would bet the national debt that the true stats on good vs evil in this nation, world, universe goes something like this… 99% Good vs 1% Evil. The Media just “corners the market” on their shining ability to blow that all out of proportion.

In fact, “some” would even go so far as to say that the “ment govern” folks would perpetrate such heinous acts as a means to an end. How convenient that these “ment govern” people would strike such fear in the majority of the population that we “the free” (otherwise, extremely rational and intelligent people) would beg for our liberties to be taken away. Years ago, I watched a few videos regarding the “crazy” conspiracy theories of the possibilies behind major national and world events and it caused me to “Rasa” my “Tabula!”

In other words, I questioned everything and came to the conclusion that it might be time to erase everything I ever thought I knew and start completely over. Since I subscribe to the Micro/Macro thinking I allowed myself to believe that if an indiviual could committ a heinous crime, then a whole government or agency could clearly be guilty of the same. Yep, I’m a believer in a long history of False Flag operation operations all over the world, perpetrated by all countries, at one time or another.

Well, two beautiful, intelligent and caring friends started going back and forth about the accuracy of the statistics.

Okay, so I’m a quarky/quirky girl. By that I mean I love the science and math behind our Energy Being makeup and love to think way outside the box about it. In fact, in my infinite, expanding reality, there are no boxes. Not even any cardboard- just atoms! As a huge fan of the Law of Attraction (LOA), I love to hear Esther Hicks speak on the topic via Abraham’s profound words. (www.abraham-hicks.com)

I once heard Abraham say that when we maintain a “chronic vibration” on a given subject, we then activate a vibrational frequency within us and will surely see manifestations regarding that topic in our environment. I believe this is Spiritual Law, Scientific Law and Mathematical Law.

Now, don’t be embarrassed about your Chronic Vibration showing. It’s a common occurrence in humanity. What? Oh, the words “Chronic Vibration” are just a more accurate way of saying “belief systems”, “attitudes”, “stereotypes” that have been held for a long, long time. Now chronic doesn’t necessarily mean negative vibration or attitude. (Funny how we have a chronic vibration of the word “chronic” since we’ve seen it mostly used in association with diseases.) However, one could just as easily have a chronic vibration regarding an endless list of positive aspects. And why the word “vibration” instead of “attitude?” We live in a vibratory world, always have and always will. Every thought, feeling and action that we offer to the world has its own unique frequency and comes back to us (sometimes, painfully so) and creates our reality. (example, low-freq hate vs. high-freq love)

Up until a few years ago (pre-LOA days), I was a self-described “venter”.  You know, the kind who loves to vent and feels alright doing it because it’s not really “gossip”, or because it’s true. I love to recall Abraham’s words that ‘Just because something is true or interesting is no reason to focus on it.’ (I really love to use this one on my Conspiracy Theory friends.) Our vibratory world mandates that ‘we get what we focus on whether it is wanted or unwanted.’ Aha! This is reason enough to never vent again on any topic, person, place or thing. The whole “seek and you will find” adage rings true whether you are seeking the positive aspects in others or the negative. One day recently….

I hung out for the afternoon with two dear girlfriends. Against my better judgement, I started a conversation about an absent, mutual friend who seems to be extremely overbearing. All three of us had a chronic vibe going about this girl. I could tell because of all the juicy details and jaw-dropping examples we were sharing. We were certain the whole world would agree with us on this matter. So after giving it (the topic of overbearing people) enough of my attention, I inadvertently activated a vibrational frequency within me, setting myself up to see evidence in my environment. (I’m sure the fact that I’m the youngest child of umpteen siblings has nothing to do with my chronic vibe re: overbearing people!)

Hours later, my two girlfriends and I went to eat at a steak restaurant. I was certain that I wanted a salmon salad, but was also curious to know if I could pay extra to have one strip of steak thrown on top. I asked the waitress about this and was told ‘no.’ (I quickly made peace with the “As-Wasness” of the situation and immediately, totally got over it.) My girlfriend sitting next to me quickly offered to let me have a bite of her steak.

Me, “No thanks, I’m okay.”

Girlfriend, “No, really I don’t mind. You can have some of mine.”

Me, “Really, it’s okay. No thanks.”

Girlfriend (as food is being served), “Here, I’ll just cut a strip off mine for you.”

Me, “No, really. I am fine.”

Girlfriend, “And here, you can have two strips.”

I felt invisible, as if she had her mute button on for my voice. “No, no, no. No thanks.”

Girlfriend, “And here, let me cut these two strips for you in itty, bitty bite-sized pieces because you have lost your middle-aged ability to cut a @#*&^&$@ piece of tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat!”

Okay, so the last quote is only half-made up. But the truth of the matter is in there because that’s exactly what she did. She proceeded to cut the two strips into 20 little pieces right there on my cute little bread plate. Holy Magnolia! Since when is my “no” not “no?”

 The old me would’ve immediately labeled her as overbearing. The old me would’ve wondered how in the world I manage to attract such overbearing people. But the new me saw it for what it was immediately! How can I, how can anyone take things personally in this vibratory world when really we are the Playwright, Director, Stagehand, Choreographer and Producers of our lives? Now excuse me while I pull out my Kaleidoscope (check out my earlier post about the magic of Kaleidoscopes) and aim it at a number of issues, world events, countries, leaders, overbearing relationships, dreams, health conditions. It’s cleaning day and that means it’s time for me to start cleaning up some chronic vibrations. My grand world is beautiful and wonderful and just keeps getting better!


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