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My amazing, intelligent, kind and wonderful girlfriend just replied to my post on FB.

What’d she say? Oh, I posted something about the Law of Attraction and how our world we see is a result of our current vibration. If you don’t like what you’re watching/experiencing then change your vibration.

She said, “I need help changing my vibration.” Ha! She’s so got this and it’s so easy it’s heart! She simply has to click her Ruby Red Slippers and go straight to her happy place. (FYI- this Happy Place can be achieved in infinite ways so don’t go projecting on others what you think THEY should do to get happy)

God has adorned each and every one of us with a pair of Ruby Red Slippers- though I hear the style is a tad different for the males of the world- but sometimes we all need reminding that They. Are. There.

Here are some simple, but Divine “Dorothy Don’ts” to avoid while the shoes are in operation.

1. Don’t think you need help using them. Click your heels 3 times and go to your nearest happy place.
(Zumba, Running, The Beach, Washing the Car, Karaoke, Preparing Your Taxes- hey it takes all kinds!)
2. Don’t think for one minute the shoes are too fancy. The old “I am not worthy” lie.
3. Don’t fret because someone had to die so you could have these. (It was meant to be- silly- her time was up!)
4. Don’t yammer on to every Munchkin you know about all the drama you’ve experienced on the Yellow Brick Road (your Life’s path)… Move on already. The heels are waiting.
5. Don’t ever forget… I repeat… don’t ever forget- that these are Forever Adorned on your feet and cannot be removed. They are always there, just waiting to be activated. Always. You are either in the clicking position or you are not.

So if you should ever find that you are “not in Kansas anymore” (not in your happy place) just remember it’s so easy to activate the Ruby Red Slipper Solution- in fact, It’s So Easy- It’s HEART!

What? Are you still here? Go on! Follow your heart to your nearest happy place!


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